An Overview of Contra Game App

Contra is basically a run-and-gun shooter game that was created by the Japanese game creator, Konami, and developed initially as a coin-run arcade game but eventually launched as a video game in February 1987. Today, it is undergoing a makeover to make it mobile-friendly and will be re-launched as Contra Returns. This app will be available for download on both iOS and Android phones and devices. While this new version retains much of the original essence, it has certain modern twists to it in terms of weapons and characters.

Super Contra for Android - APK Download

What does the new Contra game offer its players?

  • The new version has 6 new characters besides the earlier 2 veteran characters. The original characters were Lance Bean and Bill Rizer. The new version has Lucia Zero, Snow Bear, Sheena, Brad Fang, Pulse Williams, and Gatelyn.
  • The revamped game also introduces multi-player battles, online team play, PvP and different other modes. Developers have made every effort to give it a fresh lease of life.
  • The new version will have the original game’s side-scrolling feature. But you will find it is region-specific; for instance, only players in Europe, North America, and Latin America can play the Contra Returns. Pre-registrations for the game are live in these regions alone.
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  • The trailer shows life-like animations as the game slowly builds up. The game play is not anything different because you can continue to shoot enemies while you run to the end of any stage. Every completed level will mark a progress in your story mode.
  • The new game has many new weapons too, ranging from machine guns to sniper rifles and assault rifles. When the game progresses, players can acquire new skills, weapons, and accessibility to other features. However, you will also be able to get your hands on the original weapons like throwers and cannons. Besides, the original game settings and soundtrack remain unchanged.

Why users will enjoy the new Contra Returns:

You can choose to play any of the 4 different characters here and each has its own power and abilities. In the solo version, you can blast through gripping PvE story stages. You can get to tackle different PvE game modes and acquire both premium currency and gold to get more weaponry that guarantee better survivability and firepower. It is also possible to earn Bitcoins as a reward, as many gaming apps are now offering that option. Bitcoin has become the most loved and accepted among all other cryptocurrencies by investors around the world. Automated trading software like bitcoin prime makes it even easier for investors to invest in Bitcoin. You can get new armor and weapons, and some characters have almost 6 slots for armor and 3 for weapons.

The newest features include a Contra for Mobile where the original Contra IP can be transported into mobile platforms. Moreover, you now get to be any one of the 4 new characters like Brad Fang or Bill Rizer. You can tackle campaigns through PvE stages and compete against other players in 3V3 battles. Finally, you get to gear up and acquire equipment of high rarities. These can be used for more power. So, the new game launched will probably see a wider rollout.

So, you can consider downloading the Contra app to enjoy the classic side-scrolling gameplay offered by the original version again. Every feature and functionality has now been updated with HD resolutions, vivid acoustics, visual effects, and 3D character models to provide you with an unforgettable gaming experience.